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We love our team

We have always been proud of our team here and we would like to welcome Rebecca Mulkey as legal assistant and receptionist. When Rebecca is not helping out in our office, she is caring for her two young daughters with her husband in Acworth. Our team is always available to assist with your legal needs!
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Spring Cleaning

As Spring rolls around, it’s a good time to “spring clean” your estate plan and spruce it up! People are often intimidated by estate planning and put it off. We make it easy! If you don’t have anything in place, it’s time to start! Even if you don’t have much, you would still rather be…
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10 Tips For Divorcing Parents

Divorce is never easy on kids, but there are many ways parents can help lessen the impact of their break-up on their children. 1. Never disparage your former spouse in front of your children because children know they are “part mom” and “part dad”, the criticism can batter the child’s self-esteem. 2. Do not use…
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